Age Prediction Via Methylation Data and Machine Learning

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Context: The goal of this project was to train a neural network to predict a person's age based on their blood sample (more specifically the methylation profile of their blood sample). In order to achieve this I downloaded a dataset of 752 raw methylation profiles. Each of these profiles contains over 400,000 features. Training the neural network on every one of these features would lead to overfitting. Therefore I calculated the absolute correlation of each of these features with respect to human age, and selected the 25 most correlated features. After training the neural network on a training set, the model achieved 100% accuracy plus or minus 10 years and over 90% accuracy plus or minus 5 years on the test set. See the poster below for more in depth information.


  • 1. Click a point on the scatter plot to populate the sliders with that samples values for each of the 25 selected features.
  • 2. Experiment with the sliders to better understand how the model's predicted age varies with them.
  • 3. The heatmap at the bottom of the page allows for a more visual understanding of the correlation between age and each of the 25 selected features (the x axis is sorted in ascending order with respect to age).

Real Age: ?

Predicted Age: ?